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The Envy Move was intended by HP to seamlessly transition between work apps, streaming, and video conversations, as well as between the rooms in your house.

These days, working from home, learning, and enjoyment have all merged together. One moment we’re streaming TV, the next we’re video chatting with buddies. Having a computer that you could take with you around the house would be convenient, wouldn’t it? Let me introduce HP’s latest Envy Move all-in-one PC, which was just revealed for the Indian market after a late-year global release.

This 23.8-inch touchscreen gadget weighs just 4.1 kg and has excellent specifications. The integrated handle and automatically deploying kickstand legs, which allow you to pick it up and place it anywhere without fumbling with cables, are the secret sauce. It is even powered by a battery that you change rooms with.

When folded up, the PC resembles an extremely tiny suitcase, based on the product photos. Additionally, there is a sleeve that may hold the included keyboard, which also has a touchpad.

13th generation Intel Core i5 processors with integrated graphics are powering home office tasks, e-learning, and streaming media from under the hood. Whether you’re watching your favorite Netflix series or working on a document, the QHD screen resolution adds added clarity. When it comes to movie time, the IMAX Enhanced specification enhances the visual immersion even more.

Naturally, a device intended for video calls requires a good camera. With an adjustable field of vision and a 5MP HP Wide Vision camera, the Envy Move keeps you well-framed during group calls. And when you’re not in a conference, you have privacy thanks to real camera shutters.

Moreover, the Envy Move integrates seamlessly with your phone with Intel Unison, enabling you to access messages, alerts, and more. With audio technology from Bang & Olufsen that adjusts volume levels according on your location, the sound quality also keeps up.

Excellent portability entails frequent movement. To make things easier, HP included some ingenious sensing technology. When someone approaches too closely to peer over your shoulder, the screen will automatically alter its brightness to suit your surroundings. The display will automatically lock when you walk away.

Regarding sustainability, the machine’s majority composition consists of recycled plastic from post-consumer sources. It has both Energy Star and EPEAT Gold certifications.

If all of this seems like the multipurpose gadget you’ve been searching for for work, pleasure, or home, the Envy Move is available for just Rs 1,24,999.

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