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A new update for Google TV is being released by Google, and it includes some graphic upgrades. The new home screen experience for Chromecast with Google TV will also be available, the tech giant confirmed.

Google recently revealed that a new update for Google TV is being released, which will modify the user interface and introduce some new capabilities. The IT behemoth informed developers in November of last year that they would need to alter the app icons already in use.

Google reports that the ‘Your applications’ row is undergoing a redesign, with apps in the dock now displaying as circles rather than rectangles. In order to make it easier for users to browse among their most-used apps, the tech giant appears to have also expanded the amount of apps displayed in the dock.

The “Your apps” dock is getting a visual makeover in addition to new “reorder” and “add apps” buttons that will show up at the end of the row. Additionally, it appears that Google is adding a new shortcut button for “free TV channels,” which will show up in the row labeled “Your apps.”

The ‘free TV channels’ function is now exclusive to the US, but the rest of these capabilities will soon be accessible to everyone. You may have to wait a while to see the new circular “Your apps” icons on Chromecast with Google TV, but according to Google, everyone will get them over the course of the next few months.

Google TV, which debuted in 2020, is a UI built on top of Android TV, the well-known operating system that drives practically all smart TVs on the market, rather than a replacement for it.

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