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It has been reported that Meta Orion smart glasses won’t be sold before 2027.

According to reports, Meta is developing a new set of smart glasses that could provide a genuine augmented reality (AR) experience. According to a source, Meta Orion’s real AR smart glasses are nearing completion and may be revealed and demonstrated at the company’s yearly developer conference, Connect. It is stated that this gadget is not related to the Ray-Ban smart glasses. It might resemble Brilliant Lab’s Frame AI Glasses, which were unveiled earlier this month, in terms of some capabilities and form factor.

Orion is the name of Meta’s real AR glasses project, according to a Business Insider story. This name may also be the product’s name. The article, which cited anonymous sources, asserted that the company’s augmented reality team was under pressure to ready the smart glasses for the Meta Connect event by the deadline in order to demonstrate “a high level” of performance. Even while the wearable gadget has an advanced prototype and is demo-ready, it is unlikely to go on sale this year, according to other reports. The demo’s objectives are to pique interest in the product and the capabilities of the tech giant, as well as to see how people respond in order to assess product market fit.

In a related story, The Verge stated that Meta’s first real augmented reality glasses won’t be released until 2027. The company’s roadmap presentation for AR and VR devices was located in the report. The inadequacy of the technology itself may be the cause of the delay. There are currently no additional details available regarding Orion smart glasses. It is unlikely to resemble the company’s non-display-equipped Ray-Ban smart glasses, though. Fans can anticipate the most from the Meta Quest series, although the headset is primarily designed for virtual reality (VR) and offers limited augmented reality (AR) experiences.

The Apple Vision Pro or Frame AI Glasses, which superimpose components from a digital display onto the real world, are more akin to true augmented reality smart glasses. The Frame AI Glasses have two layers of lenses: an augmented reality (AR) lens on the outside and a prescription lens attachment area on the inside. The glasses weigh less than 40g. The device has a micro-OLED panel for its display, and magnets are used throughout the arrangement to hold parts together.

In terms of features, the Frame AI glasses can describe items seen through the lens and are capable of visual recognition. Additionally, it can perform real-time web searches, translate text in real-time, display nutritional information for food items, and even create images and use an augmented reality lens to place them in actual environments. According to the business, Perplexity AI powers live online search, and OpenAI’s AI models fuel the visual analysis feature and live translation.

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