There will be no Apple Watch Ultra 3 in 2024?This is what analyst Ming Chi-Kuo suggests…

Apple fans eagerly awaiting the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra 3 may have to wait longer as there are concerns that it may not be introduced in 2024, HT Tech reports.
, according to analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, the US tech giant has not yet begun the development process, citing the need for more time to perfect health management features and resolve production hurdles related to the development process.
related to Micro LED technology.
If the project doesn’t start before December, it’s increasingly likely that the launch of the next-generation watch will be delayed.
9to5Mac reports that, according to Kuo, notable deviations from Apple’s usual product development schedule are the main cause of the delay.
Ming Chi-Kuo added: “If Apple does not officially launch the Apple Watch Ultra 3 project in December, it becomes increasingly certain that the new Apple Watch Ultra will not be released in 2024.
” Kuo highlights this delay by stating: “Apple needs more time to improve advanced health management features, ensure manufacturability of new components, and address related challenges.
related to the production of LED microphones.
» Clearly, the switch to Micro LED displays marks a significant change for Apple, offering the prospect of displays that are brighter, more durable and more efficient than the current OLED displays made by LG provide.
Additionally, Kuo predicts that in addition to affecting the expectations of Apple Watch Ultra enthusiasts, the possible delay of the Apple Watch Ultra 3 to 2024 could cause shipments to decrease significantly .
They predict Apple Watch Ultra shipments will decline 20% to 30% year-over-year in 2024, and predict total Apple Watch shipments will decline 10% year-over-year, or approximately 35 million pieces.
It’s important to point out that there’s been no official confirmation that Apple has started developing its next-generation smartwatch.
Therefore, these rumors should be considered carefully.

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