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The price of Pebble Royale is Rs 4,299,

Royale, a new smartwatch from Pebble that looks and feels like a high-end watch, is the slimmest Bluetooth calling wristwatch in the world, according to Pebble.

The circular stainless steel dial of the smartwatch has a frame diameter of just 3 mm and a body thickness of 6 mm. Moreover, it has a 1.43-inch Super AMOLED display with ultra-wide color gamut, super-wide viewing angle, and always-on support.

It’s not just a lovely face, though. Additionally, it offers sophisticated BT calling capabilities that let you to use your voice to place and take calls because of the integrated Voice Assistant. Other intelligent functions like an alarm clock, calendar, calculator, and sophisticated heart rate, SpO2, and sleep monitoring are also available. It has been reported that batteries can last up to five days. Because of the IP67 certification, it is also dust- and water-resistant.

At just 40 grams, Royale is incredibly lightweight as well. You may select from a variety of colors, including Pine Green, Cobalt Blue, and Whiskey Brown, as well as leather or magnetic strap options.

“We believe that having evolved into an intrinsic element of one’s lifestyle, smartwatches should rightly reflect the same in appearance and design as well, and the newest Pebble in town is an ode to the ‘understated’ yet sophisticated approach towards life,” said Pebble co-founder Komal Agarwal about the new product.

The Pebble Royale is only available at the special launch price of Rs. 4,299 on

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