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Instead of showing full screen results, Google Maps for Android has been modified to use bottom sheets

According to reports, Google Maps for Android has gotten a significant quality-of-life update that will greatly simplify some of the interface’s navigation. A report claims that Google changed the way the user interface (UI) appears in the app when searching for directions, moving away from a full-screen style and toward a bottom sliding sheet layout. Google Maps has also improved the Location interface, which appears when a user clicks on a famous location to view more details about it. It’s unclear when iOS users will be able to access the revamp.

9to5Google was the first to notice the new interface; the publication posted screenshots of the updated Google Maps user interface. The report states that the most notable update was made to the directions search result page. In the past, the bottom of the page would display the anticipated trip time along with buttons for Preview, Steps, and Pin, while the top of the page was populated with search boxes and transit options extending to the edges.

The search fields in the new interface are positioned centrally in a rectangular box with curved edges rather than attached to the edge. The map remains visible at the top and on the sides of the screen. Additionally, the bottom now has a sheet layout with a background sheet and the transportation options moved to it. Moreover, selecting a certain transport mode no longer opens it in full-screen mode; instead, it merely expands a bottom sheet while keeping the map visible in the background.

With the removal of the full-screen transport selection window, users can now flip between options and view updates to the map next to them. The new layout also looks less crowded and more immersive. Additionally, these follow the Material Design 3 recommendations for bottom sheets in apps.

In addition, the study states that the Location and Places section has undergone interface modifications. When any place on the Google Maps Android app is tapped, a similar sheet layout appears. Again, the sheets don’t fill the screen; some of the top section of the map is still visible, which enhances immersion and has potential applications in terms of providing context for the page. There are also Share and Close buttons on the updated Location sheet.

The addition of a weather prediction overlay to Google Maps, another noteworthy update to the Android app, started to be widely rolled out earlier this week. The feature places a little box around the left corner of the map browser, displaying the air quality index (AQI) when available and the current weather within the app. Users of iOS have had access to this capability for a number of years, however in a more straightforward manner.

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