Peer Review History: Perceptions of Teachers towards the Use of Human Capital Management Information System (Lawson) in Payroll Management of Public Secondary Schools in Tanzania

A case study on the perceptions of teachers on the use of Lawson in payroll management in public secondary schools in Tanzania was undertaken. The study sought on assessing the level of satisfaction of teachers in public secondary schools in Tanzania towards efficiency and effectiveness of Lawson in managing payroll. The study employed mixed methods of data collection including the use of instruments such as an interview guide, questionnaires and documentary review checklist. The study found that, teachers in public secondary schools in Tanzania are aware of the existence of Lawson system. Moreover, it was found that Lawson is a reality not a myth in payroll management of public servants in Tanzania. However, teachers in public secondary schools have narrow understanding of how the Lawson system works. The main reason is that, they are not given opportunity to attend training and orientations about the system. This study recommends the need to venture on other studies to find out the way to enlighten teachers and other public employees on the importance of the Lawson system. This can go hand in hand with the efforts of ensuring that, public employees have a portion to interact with the system.


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