Peer Review History: Innovative Technology of Manufacturing of Reusable Metallurgical Equipment with Increased Operational Resistance from the Blast Furnace Cast Iron of the First Melting

The parameters of complex non-furnace treatment of liquid blast furnace cast iron with pulsating inert gas injection are elaborated. The new technology makes possible a significant increase in the operational resistance of reusable metallurgical equipment (molds, pallets, slag chalices). The possibility of reuse of naturally alloyed cast iron in the form of broken molds under induction melting conditions for heat-resistant articles is shown. As a result, the additives dissolving and the cast iron refining accelerate and the time of the casting process reduces. It has been experimentally proven that using the ultrasonic testing method (UT) to determine the longitudinal wave velocity in the mold it is possible to find the limit value of pourings providing the operation of molds without emergency destruction with molten metal leakage. This provides the safety of the process of steel castings manufacturing, the reduce of loss in steel dissolution and the preservation of the optimal ecologic environment in the foundry workshop.


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