Open access double blind peer-reviewed environment and climate journal: International Journal of Environment and Climate Change

A sustainable world is one in which human needs are met equitably without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their needs and without harm to the environment and ecosystem function and service. Meeting this formidable challenge requires a substantial effort under climate change impact, economic development and population growth. International Journal of Environment and Climate Change aims to publish original research articles, review articles and short communications. This is a quality controlled, double blind peer-reviewed, open access INTERNATIONAL journal. It has long been recognized that the long-term viability of natural capital is critical for many areas of human endeavour under climate change impact. The aims are to support engineering science research with the goal of promoting sustainable development with environmentally benign engineered systems that support human well-being and that are also compatible with sustaining natural (environmental) systems. All relevant research work of engineering science and natural science that seeks to balance society’s need to provide sound environmental management and ecological protection related to climate change are encouraged to submit. As the use of systems engineering approaches is highly encouraged, the principal general research areas of this forum include but are not limited to the following thematic topics:

  • Environmental Systems and Sustainable Development
  • Environmental Pollution, Climate Change, Risk Assessment, and Human Health
  • Green Building, Green Infrastructure, and Climate Change Impact
  • Climate Change Impacts on Environmental Ecological, and Water Resources Systems
  • Water Sustainability and Climate Change
  • Agricultural Sustainability and Climate Change
  • Urban Sustainability and Stormwater Management under Changing Climate
  • Mitigation and Adaptation of Climate Change by Green Production, Pollution Prevention and Control
  • Dynamics of Coupled Natural and Human Systems Under Climate Change Impacts
  • Unique Interactions between the Environmental System, Climate Change, Land Use, Ecosystem Function and Services

International Journal of Environment and Climate Change will have 4 issues per year. Each issue will be running issue and all officially accepted manuscripts will be immediately published online. State-of-the-art running issue concept gives authors the benefit of  ‘Zero Waiting Time’ for the officially accepted manuscripts to be published.

Research Paper:

  1. Watershed Modeling of Surface Water-Groundwater Interaction under Projected Climate Change and Water Management in the Haihe River Basin, China
  2. Response Characteristics of the Perdido and Wolf Bay System to Inflows and Sea Level Rise
  3. Conversion of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) Waste Plastics into Liquid Fuel Using Thermal Cracking Process
  4. Using GIS to Assess the Contribution of Farming Activities towards Climate Change in the State of Mississippi

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