NASA satellite spots Chinese lander on the moon

NASA’s satellite reconnaissance mission satellite captured this image of the Chang’e four lander and also the Yutu a pair of rover Feb. one from AN altitude of fifty one miles (82 kilometers). The Yutu a pair of rover is annotated with the arrow on the higher left, and also the Chang’e four stationary lander is annotated with the arrow at lower right. Credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State UniversityNASA’s satellite reconnaissance mission satellite has noticed China’s Chang’e four lander and rover on the so much aspect of the moon in new pictures, because the Chinese robots explore the ground of Von Kármán crater.

LRO took a series of photos of Chang’e four from totally different viewing angles, and also the most elaborate read was captured Feb. one because the satellite sailed overhead at AN altitude of around fifty one miles (82 kilometers), consistent with AN update written by Mark Robinson, scientist for the satellite reconnaissance mission satellite Camera, or LROC, at Arizona State University.

Chang’e four landed on the moon January. 3, braking to a soft touchdown on the ground of Von Kármán crater, a 110-mile-wide (180-kilometer) crater within the hemisphere on the so much aspect of the moon. The Chinese lander became the primary artificial satellite to realize a controlled landing on the satellite so much aspect, that ne’er faces Earth.

A dedicated artificial satellite launched by China last year relays signals between Earth and Chang’e four.

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