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Google I/O 2024: New AI-powered features coming to Android smartphones Logitech Mouse with AI Button

Logitech has recently launched a new wireless mouse called M750 which is part of their ‘Signature AI Edition’ series.

Logitech M750 is a new wireless mouse comes with two new buttons that offer quick access to ChatGPT, an AI assistant powered by OpenAI. The top button opens a new tool called “Logi AI Prompt Builder” while the back button is a shortcut to the AI chatbot.

The Logi AI Prompt Builder is an AI assistant that is a part of Logitech’s existing Logi Options+ app. It has some useful presets called ‘Recipes’ which can be used to perform actions like rephrasing parts of the text, presenting information in bullet points, making the text longer or adhering to a preferred word count.

While the Logi AI Prompt Builder does not require a ChatGPT Plus subscription, if users are logged in to ChatGPT while using it, the queries will count towards their allotments. To avoid this, users are advised to log out of their accounts if they want unlimited queries.

As of now, the Logi AI Prompt Builder only understands English, but the company plans to add more languages in the future. The new limited edition mouse is available for $50 in the United States and the United Kingdom. While Logitech may be the newest brand to jump on the AI bandwagon, tech giants like Microsoft have already announced that upcoming AI PCs will ship with a new Copilot button.

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