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Google I/O 2024: New AI-powered features coming to Android smartphones Logitech Mouse with AI Button


  • Google’s biggest annual event Google I/O 2024: Android to Get Support for Scam Call Detection, Circle to Search for Homework using On-Device Gemini AI.
  • Gemini Nano, Google’s AI model with Multimodality is coming to Pixel smartphones later this year 2024 bringing new AI-powered features to Android smartphones.

Google I/O started on Tuesday, the 1st day of Google’s annual developer conference. During the event, Google executives announced upcoming new features for Android smartphones but notably did not unveil Android 15 features. These new features are expected to arrive in the second half of 2024 and will be powered by artificial intelligence (AI), building on the advancements made with Android 14.

At the event, Dave Burke, vice president of engineering at Google, highlighted new AI-powered features coming to Android smartphones. One significant feature is an enhancement to Circle to Search, which will allow students to seek help with their homework using Google’s LearnLM technology. This feature is set to be released later this year. Additionally, Gemini, Google’s AI model, will receive upgrades to provide information about YouTube videos, add AI-generated images to Gmail and Messages, and enable users to get answers from PDF documents using Gemini Advanced.

Moreover, Google Pixel smartphones will gain support for Gemini Nano with Multimodality, enabling on-device AI processing of contextual information like visuals and audio. AI will also be integrated into the dialer app to detect potential scam calls in real time, ensuring user privacy.

Furthermore, Google TalkBack, an accessibility feature on Android smartphones, will be enhanced with Gemini Nano’s multimodal features. This will provide more detailed information about images for visually impaired users even without internet access. The improved Google TalkBack service is expected to arrive later this year.

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