Elon Musk’s X starts serving clickbait ads that can’t be blocked or reported, users say ‘Remind me…’

Social media giant X (formerly Twitter), owned by Elon Musk, is testing a new clickbait ad format that cannot be blocked or reported.
Although the ads typically redirect them to a third-party site when they try to click on it, reminiscent of the experience offered by low-quality clickbait sites, Mashable reported .
Advertising crisis for Twitter/X: X has struggled with ad revenue since Musk took over the company last year, with half of its biggest advertisers leaving the platform this immediately after.
Additionally, a new report from Media Matters shows that advertisers who have returned since then are spending up to 90% less than before.
A Reuters report also revealed that X’s advertising revenue has dropped by at least 55% year-on-year since the billionaire took over the social media giant last October.
Musk has previously admitted that the social media platform is facing a decline in advertising revenue due to pressure from activists.
Last month, Musk blamed the Anti-Defamation League for a 60% drop in the company’s advertising revenue.
Speaking at Vox Media’s Code conference last week, Linda Yaccarino, the company’s CEO of major advertisers, also returned.
3 levels of subscription for users, allowing the company to generate more revenue from users who might not pay the full price of a premium subscription.

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