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Lenovo devices and the brand’s gadgets will be connected via a new software feature called Smart Connect.


At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, Motorola and Corning announced a new partnership that will see Motorola using Gorilla Glass across the board in 2024. This will include tablets and smartphones that are released in the current year. Beginning in the second half of the year, the smartphones will have Gorilla Glass protection. Additionally, the business launched Smart Connect, a piece of software that facilitates the seamless integration of Motorola devices with Lenovo’s laptop lineup by connecting smartphones, PCs, and tablets into a single ecosystem.

“The entire 2024 portfolio of Motorola devices will feature Corning Gorilla Glass, starting in the second half of this year,” the firm announced via its newsroom. Before the agreement, the display protection was exclusive to Motorola’s higher-end cellphones; the lower-end models lacked it. As a consequence of this action, Gorilla Glass will now be included with even the company’s entry-level smartphones.

“This partnership builds on Lenovo’s collaboration with Corning in the laptop and tablet categories by featuring Gorilla Glass on select Lenovo laptops and tablets,” the company added.

Although the statement did not specify which Gorilla Glass would be utilized, a 9to5Google article noted that the company demonstrated Gorilla Glass 5 and Gorilla Glass Victus 2 at MWC. It is unknown whether this change will have an effect on costs, but for users, it will mean more scratch- and drop-resistant displays—even in the entry-level market.

Motorola also revealed the release of Smart Connect, a new program that provides seamless connectivity between Lenovo’s laptops and PCs and the brand’s smartphones and tablets, in a different post. The goal of the move is to create an ecosystem—as certain Chinese businesses, Apple, Samsung, and Google already have—between the various gadgets.

Motorola showcased Cross Control, a feature that allows users to use a single keyboard and mouse across a phone, laptop, and tablet, while also revealing some of the functions that customers would be able to access through Smart Connect. Users will be able to seamlessly select any app or activity from one device to another using the Swipe to Stream functionality. Notification Sync, Share Hub, Smart Clipboard, and other features are also listed.

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