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Apple has released iOS 15 Developer Beta 2, which includes features like iPhone mirroring and more Google I/O 2024: New AI-powered features coming to Android smartphones

iPhone’s screen mirroring feature is activated when the iPhone is connected to a Mac running macOS Sequoia beta 2

On Monday, Apple released the iOS 18 Developer Beta 2, shortly after announcing that not all of its features would be available in the European Union (EU). The next generation of the iPhone’s operating system was unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 on June 10. Since then, it has been made available to registered developers through the iOS 18 Developer Beta 1. The first beta update introduced several new features, including the ability for users to hide app, folder, and widget names from the home screen, as well as enabling dark mode for first-party app icons. The latest update from Apple has included even more features for the iPhone.

iOS 18 Developer Beta 2 features

In iOS 18 Developer Beta 2, Apple introduces several new features. One of the key features is iPhone Mirroring, which allows users to mirror their iPhone on their Mac. This feature enables users to receive calls and notifications, control apps, and transfer files between both devices by simply dragging and dropping. iPhone Mirroring is activated when the iPhone is paired with a Mac running macOS Sequoia beta 2.

Additionally, the update includes a new toggle for RCS Messaging in the iPhone’s settings. This feature is currently only available for users in the US whose carriers support RCS Messaging, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

In addition to these features, iOS 18 Developer Beta 2 adds a new dark-themed icon for the App Store and allows users to make their wallpapers darker with a new tinting option. It also brings support for compliance with the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), allowing alternative app stores and direct app downloads from websites.

Some other new features introduced with iOS 18 Developer Beta 2 include a new widget for Connected Cards in the Wallet app, a “+” icon in the Passwords app for quickly saving new entries, and enhanced feedback for the power button in the Control Center.


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