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Today, Nokia revealed that it is working with NVIDIA to transform radio access network (RAN) solutions that are AI-ready in the future. The partnership, which strengthens Nokia’s anyRAN strategy even further, seeks to present AI as essential to changing the landscape of telecommunications networks in the future. This partnership intends to offer new telco AI services that will bring incremental value to end users, as artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the mobile operator sector’s telecommunications infrastructure and services.

Nokia and NVIDIA will work together to develop Cloud RAN solutions that make use of Cloud RAN software, Nokia’s high-performance, energy-efficient In-Line Layer 1 (L1) accelerator technology, and the NVIDIA GraceTM CPU Superchip for Layer 2+ processing. To further advance AI-RAN, Nokia plans to employ NVIDIA GPUs for vRAN acceleration and AI applications.

The most recent and sophisticated Arm Neoverse V2 CPU reference architecture serves as the foundation for the NVIDIA Grace CPU. It meets all data center needs with outstanding performance, low power consumption, and high-bandwidth connectivity. Customers of Nokia will gain from variety and options when it comes to choosing CPUs for Cloud RAN networks.

With this announcement, Nokia is continuing its flexible anyRAN strategy, which supports any hybrid, cloud, or purpose-built RAN environment. It is intended to simplify things and guarantee transparency and flexibility while assisting clients in launching their Cloud RAN services considerably more quickly. Nokia’s In-Line acceleration architecture, which combines high performance and energy efficiency, can be easily integrated with any leading cloud or server infrastructure. Nokia has successfully completed Layer 3 end-to-end 5G data calls in multi-vendor configurations with multiple partners.

Tommi Uitto, President of Mobile Networks at Nokia, said: “This is an important collaboration with NVIDIA that will explore how artificial intelligence can play a transformative role in the future of our industry. It is a further example of our anyRAN approach that is helping to make Cloud RAN a commercial reality. The strength of our industry collaborations means we can drive efficiency, innovation, openness, and scale by delivering competitive advantage to operators and enterprises.”

Ronnie Vasishta, Senior Vice President of Telecom at NVIDIA, said: “Bringing the power of NVIDIA’s advanced computing to Nokia’s platform will deliver more performant and energy-efficient Cloud RAN solutions. Plus, as AI creates unprecedented transformational opportunities across industries, our collaboration with Nokia deepens AI-enabled innovation in radio access networks for improved operational efficiency in telecommunications.”


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