Now you can send confidential and self-destructing emails with Gmail in India, here is how

n an attempt to make Gmail more safe and secure, Google has updates its security features. The mailing service now finally gets the self-destruct mail feature- Gmail confidential mode. Mails sent in confidential mode will automatically vanish after the set expiration time period.

The option appears at the bottom of the compose tray. You set the time in which you want the message to expire. It can span from 1 day to up to 5 years. Google offers an extra layer of security by adding an SMS passcode to the mail which otherwise is sent by Gmail and is required to access the self-destruct mail. As a security measure, the receiver will not be able to forward , copy or print the mail. The receiver will get the notification about the confidential mail and by when it will expire. The mail cannot be accessed once it expires.

The feature is available in the new Gmail version. Older version should be updated to new one to get this feature.

How to use Gmail confidential mode:

— Go to compose box.

— Enter the recipient mail ID, write the mail and click on the lock icon seen at the bottom of the compose tray beside the insert image icon.

— Set the expiration duration. For example- Today is June 28 and you set 1 day expiration. Your email will vanish from receiver’s mailbox on June 29, 2016.

You can also add SMS passcode if you want.

— Click send and you have sent your first confidential Gmail.

— Receivers will receive the mail with this message at the bottom of the mail- “Content expires June 29, 2018. Options to forward, download, or copy this email’s contents and attachments are disabled.”

— Receiver can only reply to the confidential mode.

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